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Let’s see if you can guess: small, shared room is the same as what? You got it right if you thought about the bunk beds. This structure, which can be made of wood or metal, is the great salvation for dads who need to plan their children’s rooms in a functional, practical and safe way. But that traditional model with a bed on top and another on the bottom has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays it is possible to find bunk models much more attractive and that promise much more than a place to sleep. In this post we will teach you more about it and also how to make an amazing Snuggle Stitch Blanket.


Desks, slides, cabinets and drawers are just some of the multiple functions that bunks have come to have, so you can see how they are really useful. In short, everything that can bring fun and optimize the space of the room is welcome in this piece of furniture that has proven to be increasingly multifunctional. With so many different varieties and options on the market, the question remains which is the best bunk model for your little ones, is it or not?

Free Crochet Pattern: Snuggle Stitch Blanket

Well then come check out the tips below that we will tell you all about bunk beds and help you decide which best model there for your home, we are sure that you will love our tips. Tips on choosing the ideal bunk model. 1 Functionality, the main reason for taking a bunk bed into the room is because of its functionality. The furniture can serve two people in the space that would be destined for just one. And it is precisely for this reason that the function of the bunk ends up overcoming the aesthetic issue and, often, even to the personal taste of the residents, after all there is no other way, is it not But if functionality is the starting point for choosing the bunk bed then don’t lose sight of it.


It won’t do any good to choose the furniture if it doesn’t fit perfectly into space or gets in the way, believe me. Before purchasing, check all measurements – bedroom and bed – and whether it will be the best choice for the environment in question. In houses with very low ceilings, the bunk can become a problem. And if functionality is so important, the more the bunk has to offer, the better. Prefer models with included drawers or even those built-in with wardrobe, they will help a lot. That way you can save even more space in the room 2 Safety, the safety of the bunk is extremely important, after all, there are two children sharing the same piece of furniture.

Therefore, the first tip is: do not put children under five to sleep in the top bed. She may suffer falls when getting on and off the furniture, not to mention that during sleep there are also risks of falling on the floor due to rolling in bed at night. And even if the child is older, it is recommended to use protective grids on the side of the bunk, especially on the top. This prevents the child from falling into a more restful day of sleep. Attention also to the luminaires. They should not be directly on the bed, as the proximity to the ceiling can cause the child to touch wires or the lamp itself which can break and hurt your little one. The bunk access ladder must be safe, firm and non-slip. Also be careful with bunks near the window, in which case it is very important to install a protective screen. Finally, periodically check that the bunk structure is firm, if you notice that the bed is rocking or out of balance, arrange for maintenance.

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