Expanding Flower Blanket


The planning of a room goes far beyond the choice of the sofa. There are other elements that when placed in the environment increase the feeling of comfort and welcome. And, between us, a cozy room is what everyone wants, isn’t it? So the tip of today’s post is the puffs for living room. They can be made in different materials, colors, prints, sizes and formats and the good thing about all this variety is that there will always be a perfect puff for your room. But let’s stop chattering and go straight to what matters: unraveling this particular universe of puffs and teaching you how to make an incredible Expanding Flower Blanket. Come with us?


Let’s start by talking about the structure of the puff or, rather, what it is made of. In general, most puffs have a wooden structure – similar to the sofa – covered with foam, it is the easiest and most used model today. But nowadays it is also possible to find alternative models of puff made from tires and even pet bottles. They are all tough and durable.

Free Pattern Available: Expanding Flower Blanket

Another option is the puffs made exclusively of fabric and foam, presenting a more cute and stripped and very beautiful look and they are also used a lot today. And if you want to combine comfort with functionality, you can bet on a chest puff, they serve both to sit, and to accommodate objects inside. Most of them receive a layer of fabric as a finish, with the exception of the tire puffs, which usually keep the structure in view, as a way to enhance the raw material and the sustainability concept printed on the piece. How to choose the ideal living room puff. Keep the style of the decoration on the puff, this means the following: modern room is like modern puff, retro room is like retro puff and so on, there is no point in wanting to use a style of puff that doesn’t match the decor. Another tip is to maintain a harmony between the colors of the decoration and the colors of the puff.


When in doubt combine it with the sofa, but you can also take into account the other predominant shades in the decor and make a contrast game with the puff. For example, if the room is all neutral and soft, it is worth betting on a cheerful and vibrant puff model to be the highlight of the room and give that special touch to it. Now if the room already has too much visual information, prefer a neutral and delicate colored puff to blend in with the rest. The same goes for choosing the print. It is also worth mentioning the different types of feet that can be used on puffs – or even the absence of them. Modern decoration proposals may choose to leave the puff without feet, directly on the floor, but if you want feet on the puff the tip is to use straight and metallic models.

Leave toothpicks and wooden feet for retro and rustic style puffs. Define the functionality of the puff, it is both functional and decorative. In addition to the obvious function of serving as a seat, the puff can also accommodate other uses, serving as a coffee table, chest, an extension of the sofa or simply a footrest. Define what functionality this piece of furniture will have in the room before making the purchase, so you will know what to buy. Round, square, tire, leather or chest. No matter the model chosen, the puffs will always add aesthetic and functional value to the room. But of course, some inspirations always go well before making the final decision so we recommend that you take a look at the internet before deciding.

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