The Neave Baby Blanket


Decorating a baby’s room in a simpler way is what many people are looking for today, whether it’s for style or budget. It’s just that baby rooms have lost a lot of that classic, heavy style that was common in past decades. Nowadays, the designs of these rooms have lighter, more playful shapes and elements. And the decoration is very important when talking about a baby’s room, because that’s where the baby will spend most of his day. We just want to let you guys know that we’re happy to be with you, and that you all are special for us, we love you, from all the team of Love Quilting Online.


Today we have prepared a post about simple and inexpensive baby room decoration, while having a super creative and playful style for children to grow up and feel comfortable in the room, and we also brought the tutorial of a beautiful baby blanket so that You can be inspired by your baby’s room decor. ready to start? so let’s go then.

Free Pattern Available: The Neave Baby Blanket

To decorate a baby room with a specific style, on a budget, or any other category that limits your options, you should always have as much planning as possible before you start shopping for things. So the first thing is always to take measurements of the space: with these measurements, you can know what kind of crib fits in the room, if there is a possibility to fit a dresser or wardrobe, changing table, breastfeeding chair and other furniture in the room. fourth, so you make no mistakes.


When dealing with a baby’s room, this part is more than fundamental in choosing priorities and making creative decisions for whatever issues arise. The room of the little ones should always be full of creativity and beautiful, with things that can entertain your baby when he is in his room, or when he goes to sleep, because babies like to look all around, consider buying some little stars that Glow in the dark and glue to the ceiling of the room.

Before you buy the furniture you can also see if there is any furniture in your home that can be resignified in space, such as a dresser that can best be used as a drawer for baby clothes or things or a super comfy armchair that would be perfect for the bedroom. breast-feeding. Old furniture from other family babies can also be helpful, especially cribs! Some families used to keep children’s cribs to pass on to future generations, which helps a lot.

Regarding the decorative elements, this will depend on the style you choose to guide your decor, but the trend of the moment is the minimalist and Scandinavian style, which propose to create a decoration with few furniture and punctual decoration objects, based on Light colors that give a super calm and peaceful climate to the baby’s room. In addition, the shelves are gaining more and more lovers, as they leave the room more open and use the toys with their cute and colorful shapes as an added charm, making the toys part of the decor, creative isn’t it?

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