Secret Paths Shawl


The 3D floor is gaining more and more space in the decoration of environments, since this floor option has the power to transmit energy and personality to any area of ​​the house. And, the visual result, in addition to providing people with an incredible experience is capable of provoking different emotions. Therefore, if you intend to transform the rooms of your home and do not know where to start, know that the 3D floor can make all the difference in your decor. So, get ready! Learn a little more about this flooring option and get inspired by the tutorial of a wonderfully beautiful Secret Paths Shawl.


It’s fact! The 3D floor has been gaining more and more followers and, consequently, making itself present in the most diverse projects, be they residential or commercial, after all, who doesn’t find incredible a floor looking like the Sea for example? Now, what is 3D flooring? It can be said that the so-called 3D floor is derived from the hitherto known liquid porcelain tile. That porcelain tiles have nothing, because the material we are talking about is not composed of a ceramic floor.

Free Available Pattern: Secret Paths Shawl

Here, the denomination of liquid porcelain tiles is used for this type of floor because it has high gloss and minimal expansion joints that, when visually perceived, become a single floor. In addition, the transparent resin often used in this process, allows professionals in the segment to use images and drawings, printed in high resolution, creating the effect of the so-called 3D floor that everyone loves. The 3D floor came to be intensely desired due to the various possibilities of effects and finishes that it can provide in the decoration. Furthermore, using this technique it is possible to obtain a beautiful 3D floor that is completely mirrored, uniform, smooth and seamless, even facilitating the cleaning process, making the environment much more fun.

Its versatility and applicability is also eye-catching, because in addition to the 3D floor can be applied with solid colors such as green, yellow, red, blue, white and black, it can also, due to the use of transparent resin, allow its application on other floors or even on adhesives. So, how about applying it in a kitchen environment, for example? Pay attention to the color of the 3D floor that will be used in the room, as its hue must remain harmonious in relation to the other furniture in the environment, so be very careful. The use of resin in the application process of the so-called 3D liquid floor is fundamental, so that the floor, in addition to presenting high gloss, eliminates any type of gap between its placement, thus making a unique floor from a visual perspective.


As for the resins used in the 3D liquid floor, it can be said that they are: polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. But, even so, epoxy resin is the one most present in the projects. The application of epoxy resin is done by mixing 3 products, the first being composed of the resin itself, the second is composed of a hardener component and the third is a self-leveling load. The epoxy resin can be found on the market in several colors, including transparent, thus allowing the combination with other materials. There is example, of glitter, wood, stones and so on. Based on the above examples of application of transparent epoxy resin, we can even include the possibility of using this resin in the application of 3D floor adhesive. Therefore, the 3D floor adhesive, when printed in high resolution and aligned to the size of the desired room, can be positioned on the floor and thus covered with the transparent epoxy resin making it perfect.

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