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If you’ve always dreamed of having a closet to call your own, but whatever that was never possible for, we have a great tip today to make that dream come true: the open closet, have you heard? The open closet is a trend of the moment that came along with the minimalist lifestyle. Within this concept, the idea is to keep a minimum number of pieces that are wild and capable of meeting the most diverse occasions. In this post we will see more about this and you will see a Pillow Cover Tutorial.


But you don’t have to be minimalistic to have an open closet, quite the opposite. However, in this case, organization and discipline will be indispensable for your closet not to look messy. Looking forward to finding out more about the open closet and how to have one in your home too? Then follow the tips below:

Advantages and disadvantages of an open closet
Open or closed closet? This is a very common doubt today that often haunt the life of those who want to have a closet. So the first question you should ask yourself is “Will I be able to keep the closet organized and clean constantly?”.

Free Pattern Available: Pillow Cover Tutorial


If keeping everything in order is a difficulty for you, then definitely the open closet is not the best option as everything in it will be exposed. In this closet model everything is exposed and becomes part of the room decor, so it is important to keep everything organized and dust free so as not to look messy and sloppy.

Already on budget, the open closet comes out to the advantage. Firstly, the options for how to make an open closet increase considerably, as you can opt for a planned, modulated or even DIY model (we’ll talk about that later). The fact is, if you want to save money, the open closet is the ideal choice for you and your room. Another advantage of the open closet is that you see clothes, shoes and accessories more easily, which helps a lot in composing a look.

Closet Size
The size of the open closet is another important factor that you need to define before you can start the project. Keep in mind everything you need to store, from clothing to shoes and accessories. From there define where the open closet will be mounted. If you have space in your house, you can separate a room just for him, if not, a corner in the room will be enough. The open closet should not have things crammed together. Remember that the final look is part of the project. Ready to have an open closet in your room?

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