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If you, like many people out there, are interested in green, sustainable, fast, beautiful and cheap construction, you have probably heard about green bricks. However, the building system that surrounds this type of brick is the subject of much discussion, both of those who love the bricks with passion, and who can not even look at them. But, after all, why do green bricks go from eight to eighty like that in the blink of an eye? In this post you can see more about eco brick and learn how to make a beautiful Autumn Scarf.


Follow the post with us as we will clarify all this for you. In the end, you will be able to draw your own conclusions, see: Eco brick is a type of brick used in construction made from a mixture of earth, cement and water, and the proportion of cement used is only 10%. But what makes ecological brick ecological, in fact, is the absence of burning in its manufacturing process, that is, it does not release CO2 into the atmosphere, very interesting, right?

These three elements are mixed until they form a homogeneous compound where they are later molded, pressed and compacted in manual or hydraulic presses. After pressing the bricks go through a curing and drying process that lasts about 28 days, soon after that, it is ready.

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Some of the eco-friendly bricks also get pipe bagasse, tires and construction waste, making them even more sustainable and good for the planet. However, ecological brick is not only ecological from the point of view of its manufacture. An environmentally friendly brick building is much faster than a traditional masonry building. This is mainly due to the system used in this type of construction, much simpler, faster and more effective. So if you want a home ready in a short time, eco brick is the ideal option.

Ecological bricks have holes in their structure that allow the passage of water, sewage, light and gas pipes, for example. This unique feature of environmentally friendly bricks makes the work not only faster, but also cleaner and more beautiful, as there is no need to break the walls after they are ready for piping. By the time the house arrives at the last row of bricks all the facilities are ready, that is, the pipes follow the process of climbing the walls, and that helps a lot.

A green brick building can cost up to 40% less than a brick building, for example. Much of this savings come from the fact that this type of work does not require the use of finishes. Just to give you an idea, an eco brick building saves about 80% in cement, 50% in iron and up to 100% in wood used as a pillar. Ecological bricks also better distribute the weight of the work as a whole, which, in addition to bringing more security, impacts directly on the foundation of the house, making it possible to reduce infrastructure costs. Green brick is a great help to us and the planet, how about starting to use it?

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