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The plaster finish very common in current buildings, is also widely used in renovations of old houses and apartments, whether in small details or even in the plaster ceiling. The reason for such success is that the plaster finish is economical and versatile. Among the various uses of plaster are the leveling of walls, the construction of plaster walls and the perfect finish on ceilings, such as molding. Those who have not yet surrendered to the miracles of plaster finishing, will be impressed by the incredible results produced by this material. In this post you will learn how to make a beautiful Gevin Grace Shawl.


Even curved walls can receive plasterboard and even a wall without plaster is perfect with the plaster finish. But such a finish is not merely a smooth plate, it has different styles, and can even be customized with the design of your choice, which makes it very versatile and very popular today. Cartoned boards, also known as drywall, are lighter than masonry.

Thus, for renovations to buildings and townhouses, these plasterboards are ideal for dividing rooms. Plaster finishing is also beneficial, as it ensures direct application of fabrics, leathers and other delicate coatings, which helps a lot.

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Free Pattern Available: Gevin Grace Shawl

To guarantee acoustic quality, the ideal is to use two plasterboards and insert a sheet of wool, glass or rock between them. It is also necessary that the partition extends to the ceiling, so pay attention to this. For the ceiling lining, the plaster finish can be done with lateral indentations, using drywall boards in the plaster moldings and inserting the lighting inside them. Cartoned boards are up to 50% more expensive than ordinary plaster finish.


However, these are easier to install, less dirty, hardly moldy and stabilize the temperature, which is great! It is advisable to observe the specifications of the installed product, since plasterboard usually supports up to 10 kg. So, be careful with the objects that will be hung on the wall and ceiling. If there is a need to use an object with a higher weight, it is possible to resort to the help of specific accessories to reinforce the plates.

Living room with plaster finish makes the room more elegant. Room finished in plaster conveys lightness and tranquility. To make crown molding the most recommended is the plaster finish. Room with finishing, molding and plaster moldings, leaves the classic style in evidence and still leaves the room with a much more beautiful touch. Living room with plaster finish in crown moldings and niche for painting. The plaster finish can be complemented with another type of coating.

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