Popping Bobbles Scarf


The best colors for the bedroom are those that match the other elements of the decor. Although it seems like a simple task, before getting your hands dirty, moreover, in ink, note some important aspects. Discover the secrets to making your room perfect, with decor harmonizing with the colors for the room that were chosen. How big is my room? What are the colors of the furniture and other decorative elements? These are pertinent questions that make a big difference when choosing room colors. In this post we will teach you more about it and also make available the pattern for a beautiful Popping Bobbles Scarf.


Soft decor, well lit environment, beige and white furniture. Every detail of the decoration of one of the bedroom designs we saw was carefully thought out, from the carpet to the dome of the lamp. The colors talk to each other and that includes the ceiling, the floor, the walls and the smallest decorative elements. Colors in the same shade harmonize the environment, however if you want to promote a deeper climate you need to highlight one of the walls with different colors, so pay attention to that.

Be very careful with vibrant colors, they can overwhelm the decor which completely spoils it, choose to use them in strategic points of the room. Note that in the room above, the wall color belongs to the same color palette as the larger elements, such as the carpet and the floor.

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Free Pattern Available: Popping Bobbles Scarf

It is possible to play with bedroom colors, choose a bedroom color scheme to complement the dominant colors. The above project boldly chose the choice of turquoise and red, both highlight the decor, without excesses. For children’s rooms, choose a theme, but name a neutral tone as dominant. See the room color scheme in the project below. The designer chose neutral tones, white and black, and set up a panel with complementary colors.


The combination of strong colors was only possible due to the planning of the colors for the bedroom. Note that the furniture and the wall have white color, in contrast, a wall is pink and some decorative elements receive purple. White was providential to harmonize the environment, otherwise the space would be charged. The bedroom colors promote a cozy and very elegant atmosphere.

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Image By:https: crazy4crochetmomma