Mitered Checkerboard Afghan


The kitchen is one of the most loved rooms by food lovers. Having a well decorated kitchen is essential for the good use of space. We often think that having a lot of money is essential in a decoration, but with a little creativity and common sense you can have several ideas for decorating the kitchen. An idea that has been used frequently is to paint a wall with chalkboard paint, as it is very receptive and cheerful. You can write down recipes, messages or draw. Make your friends more comfortable to come to your home. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will be able to make an incredible Mitered Checkerboard Afghan.


For small kitchens you can use integrated rooms to give the feeling of greater space, which is the effect that many are looking for today. An American kitchen is a great option, as there is an open space between one room and another, making the environment more airy. The American kitchen counter can serve as a table with the help of a few stools when eating.

If you have a more horizontal kitchen, similar to a corridor, invest in furniture designed to take advantage of every inch of the environment when decorating. A great option is to use functional furniture, as they are able to organize and help in decorating simple kitchens.

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For the part of the sink, you can place tiles of different colors and vibrant, to break the monotony of the kitchen and give an incredible touch to the environment. There are many options for the sink region such as tile adhesives, colored tiles, ceramic plates or glass inserts. There are a multitude of options to meet various ideas for decorating the kitchen.

On the walls, use objects from the kitchen itself to decorate. You can paint cutlery and planks in different colors to hang on the walls and decorate the environment in an incredibly fun way. Adding some cliques is also very beautiful. You can put pictures as well, or even make stylized lamps with cans or pasta colander, it’s fun!

Finally, you can put a mini vegetable garden in your kitchen, with some herbs and spices, or, if you have more space, some vegetables easy to maintain, this will give a very nice touch to the environment and you can use fresh things from your vegetable garden when cooking. A vertical garden can help with this mission. With these kitchen decorating ideas you will have a perfect kitchen.