Chromium Star Blanket


Having a green and pleasant space at home is not the privilege of those who have a large yard, a small garden is also the star of their property. A few simple tricks and accurate choices will make even the small spaces pleasant and can be used by the family for relaxing moments. The garden decoration is essential to enhance the environment. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Chromium Star Blanket.


In order to have the plants always beautiful and showy, some care is necessary because planes are very delicate, larger plants like a rose bush and even fruit trees must be in large pots, in the case of a small garden it is good to use all the spaces you find at your disposition.

Anyway, keep in mind the small size of your garden, there is no point in wanting to have a very large tree if your space does not contain this type of plant, choose wisely the plants that will best adapt to a small garden.

Use a grass mat, besides being easy to maintain, the lawn will make your yard look like a garden, giving you more freedom to bet on potted plants and other more punctual species as well.

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Many are the elements that can and should be used to make your garden more beautiful, in addition to plants and other natural elements, bet on the right lighting to make the space more intimate and pleasant with a very cozy touch.

Prefer small, spot lights in different locations to a single point. This makes you feel more intimate and can also highlight one or another plant that you want to have as a focal point in your garden.

You will want to spend some quality time in your small garden, right? For this it is worth betting on comfortable furniture, even if they are few and more rustic, in fact the rusticity can even give a beautiful touch. An armchair, a bench, or a set of chairs and table are enough.

Just take care with the chosen materials, as they will be in the external area, the furniture must be made of elements that resist the sun and the rain without spoiling with these events.