Lisbon Tiles Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Has your son or daughter grown up and are you looking to renovate their bedroom decor? It can be easier than you think, and the best, you can use crochet for that. Tips for a teenager’s room: 1) Before starting a renovation, even if it’s quick, you need to get organized. Do not start work before defining the project or having the decoration items in hand. In this post, we’ll see more about it and you can make a beautiful Lisbon Tiles Blanket.


A good tip is to go to the stores and get as many crochet samples as possible, so you can compare all of them, placing them close to each other, remember this well; 2) After purchasing the chosen crochets, make a plan to define how you will decorate the room.

It doesn’t make sense to start the job and then have to keep the environment incomplete because you don’t know what else to do or use, and we believe you agree with that; 3) Avoid buying items for impulse decoration or making too many crochets, before defining the project.

Probably, the sitens do not match each other and, mainly, the size of the crochets you made may be too small or too large for the environment, so it is better to be careful.


In a project we saw in a teenager’s room, neutral tones and a touch of color were used in the crochets. The pantone with the color options was also selected and the girl was invited to choose the shade she wanted to obtain some details of the room used in crochet. She chose red. This shade was used in some crochets to highlight, and it was also used in some decorative objects.

The headboard panel was covered with oak wood and the wallpaper was imitated with linen, to imitate the environment and make the white of the wall a little whiter, which gave a very pleasant touch to the environment. The single bed, leaning against the panel, saves space and frees circulation, making the room more spacious, it was decorated with a beautiful crochet blanket.

On the study bench there is a white lacquer with a red chair, which ended up complementing the decor. On this bench, a crochet basket was used to store essentials and another was placed on the floor to serve as a trash can, which also helped a lot.

Free Pattern Available: Lisbon Tiles Blanket